Sandy Emergency Dentist

Sandy Emergency Dentist

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Toothaches in Sandy

Any toothache, regardless of the cause, is an emergency. At Draper Dental, we make sure you are seen in a timely fashion, because pain in your tooth is a red flag that something needs attention. The longer you wait to have it addressed, the more chance there is that the problem will lead to consequences like an infection, the necessity for root canal, or even a tooth extraction.

Our Sandy emergency dentist makes every reasonable effort to save your tooth. Sometimes, the effort is simple, with only a filling necessary. This is true when you have a cavity, or an existing filling has come loose or fallen out. In the instance where a tooth has suffered a chip, crack, or fracture, our Sandy emergency dentist takes impressions for the fashioning of a crown. The dental lab makes a permanent one, which means you have to come back for the fitting and placement. You will be given a temporary one in the meantime. It is when your tooth’s pulp, the inner part that is right next to the nerve, succumbs to a bacterial infection that you will need a more complex treatment. Root canal therapy is non-surgical, and succeeds 90% of the time or more in restoring the health of the tooth so that it can remain viable and strong. Don’t worry about root canal. It’s done here using advanced techniques and state-of-the-art equipment, so you can count on your comfort throughout the procedure. If you are nervous about it, though, we are pleased to offer sedation dentistry that will keep you relaxed and at ease.

Please act right away to contact our office when you have a toothache. It’s not likely to go away without treatment by our Sandy emergency dentist. In fact, it’s a good idea to keep our number programmed in your phone for easy access.

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