Draper CEREC crowns

Draper CEREC Crowns

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CEREC crowns in Draper

Draper CEREC crowns
Draper CEREC crowns

Crowns are so useful in many situations, but who has the time to make multiple trips to the dentist in order to get one? Here at Draper Dental, we understand how valuable your time is, and we respect it. One way we do so is by making CEREC crowns available. You get all the benefits of a standard crown, but without the return visit. Yes, crowns in one day.

Some of the reasons you might need our Draper CEREC crowns include to restore a tooth that has had root canal, strengthen a tooth weakened by tooth decay or that has become chipped or cracked, or to improve the appearance of a discolored, crooked, misshaped, or poorly-sized tooth. Even bridges and dental implants, which are two common full-tooth restorations, employ crowns as integral parts of the finished work. And ordinarily, you would come in to have impressions taken, have a temporary crown placed, and wait while those impressions were delivered to the dental lab, and then come back to have your new crown fitted and cemented to your tooth. When you get our Draper CEREC crowns, you won’t have to go through having that messy impression material in your mouth. Measurements are done with digital photography instead. We use 3D computer software for designing the crown, and state-of-the-art machinery for making the crown. And because of the advanced technology that is part of the process, you can be assured of an excellent fit; one that is comfortable and that will make your tooth more reliable and functional as a result. That’s all there is to it. No temporary crowns, no fuss, no waiting.

Why not call our office right now and arrange an appointment to come in? Our Draper CEREC crowns will have your tooth back to normal right away so you can get back to doing more important things.

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